Information about the processing of personal data through cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that our website sends to the browser or your device from which you are viewing our website (e.g. phone, tablet, computer). They allow us to recognise you and adapt our website accordingly, to show you certain content, etc. We write more about each cookie below.

What types of cookies do we use?

Technical (mandatory): they are necessary for the site to run as it should.

Analytical: They allow us to improve the quality and content of the website for you.

Conversion and tracking: Together they analyse what source you are coming to us from.

On what basis do we process cookies?

We may handle technical cookies on the basis of legal requirements. Without them, we would not be able to provide our services to you safely and correctly.

We may process analytical, conversion and tracking cookies based on your consent.

You can prevent us from processing these by not giving your consent, by adjusting your browser settings, by setting the cookie bar or by browsing in anonymous mode.

How can I prevent the use of cookies?

The cookies that we collect to measure website traffic and to generate statistics relating to visitor traffic and behaviour on the website are treated in the form of an aggregate – that is, one that does not allow us to identify an individual.
The cookies necessary for the functionality of the website are always kept only for the time necessary for its functioning.

The easiest way to prevent cookies from working is through your browser settings.

We would like to add that the settings need to be made for each of your devices (phone, tablet, computer) separately.